About Us

Founded by passion to serve humanity, with the philosophy to create IT independent industries that they can completely focus in creating better products or offering better service to their consumers.We started as a High Performance computing start-up, today we offer full suite package including software and hardware, on-cloud or on a private network.

Our mission is to bring about the industrial digitation and build intelligent systems that can help industries to adopt Industry 4.0 and later lead them towards intelligent governance what we call Industry 5.ai.

We see that tomorrows industry is not just governed by humans alone but a combination of human machine interaction, our vision is to form the base and backbone of the industrial IT support system, that can be readily accessed and used by any organisation.

Establish Clustrhub as Industrial IT solutions leader and become pioneers in implementation of decentralised governance in the global industrial IT infrastructure.


Founded in 2015 by Mr. Moncy Kunjumon, Clustrhub has always been in forefront of technology, right from its unique offerings in the high performance computing industry to offering mobility services. Read more

Investor Relations

Investors have been the core pf the support ecosystem of the company, value every investor and their emotions attached. We have pledged our duties in order to stand-up to their expectations and turn our vision to reality. Read more

Road Map

We believe in a transparent work culture, where growth is a direct result of vision, aspirations and precipitance, we ensure that the our journey, path and goals are shared throughout the organisation and our investors. Our transparent practices ensure that individual goals are inline with companies goal, which helps us achieve them faster. Read more

Research and Innovation

We strongly believe that innovation is the driving force that has always helped us to stand-out. Our passion towards innovation has helped us stick together during tough times. Research and innovation has become the core of our service and thats why we believe and treat every customer and his problems unique, which helps us offer the best solution. Read more